Meet Penelope!

As promised (ahem Hannah) here is the ‘meet Penelope’ post…  She just turned one this weekend, and I’ll be putting up a recap of her birthday party tomorrow, so here is the story of her first year in pictures.  We are so blessed to have this lovely little girl in our lives xoxo


Here I am with P’s Daddy in Barkhamsted right before she was born!

Penelope and others 3119

So – true story – Penelope was born knowing how to pose.  Here she is at less than a week old!

Penelope and others 3115

…I may be responsible for her love of prints and mixing them however (at least at this stage in her life!)

Penelope and others 3439

Here she is wearing her first Lilly Pulitzer at her christening, which was performed by my Uncle, Bishop Gregory Ortiz, at Christ the King Church in New Paltz, NY

Penelope and others 3743

…And yet more Lilly at our family vacation in Lake George!

Penelope and others 4103

…and momma and baby Lilly in Saratoga (yes – there’s a trend here!)

Penelope and others 4112

…here she is the same day having fun with her handsome Daddy (playing ‘kick Dad in the face’ – hilarious at any age)

Penelope and others 3983

About six months old and just as fabulous as can be

Penelope and others 3907


Penelope and others 4361

In August we had a very, very bad scare with a nasty UTI which sent us to the hospital for almost a week.  Thank God, CT Children’s Medical Center cured our little angel – and this recovery smile was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

Penelope and others 4476

Here we are ‘reading’ about Elmo in a fetching autumnal outfit

10_29_13 071

Enjoying a harvest dinner at one of our favorite places, Lost Acres Vineyard

breakfast with santa 2

Baby meets Santa and is suitably awestruck


Vacation at Sanibel Island with Mommy and Daddy at Christmas!

2014-01-30 17.54.20-1

Tragically hip in a Radiolab onesie from their Apocalyptical tour

2014-02-23 19.13.51

A Big Girl – with her own toothbrush – and finally enough hair for a baby mohawk!

2014-03-04 14.38.41

And – last but not least – rocking an “Anarchy in the pre-K” t shirt from the one and only Kerri of Real Hartford

So that’s my sweet little Pea!  We’re going to have such a fun year now that she is one 🙂


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