Happy birthday #Penelope

We celebrated Penelope’s first birthday with a tea party – mostly because she loves to serve fake tea off of her cart (also because: excellent excuse for a tea party)


Seen here graciously greeting the guests with a pot at the door, in her Lilly Pulitzer dress from Silkworm!


Plus we had killer decorations from my very talented little sis!

I had tons of help with the baking swag, thanks to some killer local bakeries and good friends:

photo (37)

Pictured: the collective efforts of Get Baked, NoRa Cupcakes, and family friends!

photo (35)

Pictured: amazing P cookies!Β  Thanks Melissa!

photo (25)

Pictured: a close up of the NoRa cupcake smash cake with Alice in Wonderland themed red roses

photo (30)

Pictured: wrapping asparagus in pastry is as close to baking as I get, TBH

As well as the birthday girl and co-birthday girl – the notoriously camera shy Hailey – there were plenty of cute little folks out and about in their finery

photo (33)

Look at this little gentleman!

photo (32)

And this lovely young lady showing off her spring fashion and the baby sandals – I can’t TAKE IT

There were plenty of other Littles present, but most of them were running around in a pack serving each other fake tea, which is absolutely fine πŸ™‚Β  The adults amused themselves with – what else? tea infused cocktails

photo (24)

Thanks to Tanduay for the rum!Β  So good and now I have mojitos for days

And many delicious bubbles courtesy of Cait, who came down from Boston to play! And Rob – who I have a picture of, but I’m afraid he will never speak to me again if I use it in a blog, so it shall remain unposted (you’re welcome Rob – I’ll see you on LinkedIn)

cait and prosecco

Look at this lovely lady and her 90 Plus Cellars prosecco – she’s not a bit camera shy πŸ™‚

Exciting update!Β  I received special approval to feature this wonderful photo of Rob, demonstrating all his bartender flair:


Holding a lovely bottle of rose which was gone in about 20 minutes, give or take

There were other photo opps in the kitchen, naturally:


A trash bag domestic goddess.Β  Very Amy Sedaris.Β  Very wow

As well as outside in the backyard:


Invite ballerinas anywhere and they will stage a photoshoot.Β  It’s science.Β  Also, I am in love with my skirt in this picture from Niro!

But the center of attention was naturally the birthday girl!

photo (34)

Sampling a cupcake

photo (39)

Best sugar face ever

photo (31)

And opening presents with Daddy – oh boy!

photo (29)

Oh boy!Β  And yes, that’s birthday girl number 2 on the far left – Happy Birthday Hailey!Β  I gave up getting a picture of her face on after about ten attempts – she’s a camera shy little cutie


Speaking of camera shy, it’s amazing how often my husband manages to find something to hide around when a camera is out!

photo (26)

But sometimes I get lucky and get him to pose with me!! xo


Thanks to all of our friends and family for coming out to Penelope’s special day.Β  We had a blast and hope you did too!





2 thoughts on “Happy birthday #Penelope

  1. Aw I love that picture of me with Prosecco in my Longchamp, er I mean Hannah’s Longchamp, talk about class! Thank you for the 90+ Cellars shoutout and yes you know I’m not a camera shy lady haha, not one bit. I am bummed I missed Rebecca’s little dapper man!

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