Gin before breakfast with @ginb4breakfast @Millwrightsct – #TGIF

It’s not every day I get to make a truly satisfying pun. But I got lucky in the pun department this week at Millwrights. If your twitter handle is @Ginb4breakfast – you had better believe I’ll post my TGIF post early to showcase your mixology skills on a gin cocktail – before breakfast. Get it?

Ok, enough embarrassing myself. Watch the link as Chris Parrott breaks down the basics of a classic prohibition era cocktail – the Southside Gin Rickey. Ingredients are very simple and copied below.

Chris has graciously offered to be a feature on this segment, so you’ll be seeing a lot more breakdowns of the amazing Millwrights cocktails in the future!

South side Gin Rickey


2 oz gin
1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
3/4 oz simple syrup
Handful of mint
Club soda


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