#TBT with @ConnHistSoc and “Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen.”


Photo courtesy of the CT Historical Society
Whilst I am normally a great believer in posting events quickly in order to maximize exposure time for those who might be interested in attending – the fates were on my side and my proclivity for procrastination paid off in spades with this particular entry. For one thing – I get a very meta throw back Thursday title – as I the opening reception for the Katharine Hepburn exhibit at the Connecticut Historical Society last Thursday: and it is, of course, a display of the gorgeous vintage fashion of screen siren and CT native, Katharine Hepburn. Also, this particular exhibit is on display until September, and the CT Historical Society is the only Connecticut venue to secure it.
Winner of twelve academy awards, Katharine had a killer combination of beauty, brains, grace, and personal charisma , making her quite the superstar (also, feminist, tomboy, athlete, style maven, etc). No wonder so many people love her and would be honored to take a #Hepburnselfie

hepburn selfie
(Ed provides me and the lovely Kerry Burrows of Hartford Magazine with a meta photo as well! Very similar to a photo featured in Vogue’s recent Kim and Kanye spread – he’s just trendy like that)
So, as you’ve guessed most likely from that somewhat rambling intro (sorry), last week I got to attend the opening reception for the museum exhibit as a media guest. One who did not, ahem formally RSVP – which I will not do again, as Ed gave me a much deserved dressing down for my non-compliance. Eek.
It was a lovely reception with all the wine and cheese and fruits and tiny brownie bites that one could hope for…


And also: scotch and soda! Because Kate wore pants and drank scotch and generally did whatever the heck she wanted from the sound of it. What’s not to love about that?
I may have indulged in a glass – or two – of excellent malbec during the cocktail hour and opening remarks, and I was excited, as fashion really gets my going… so I was not at all happy with the photos I took in the exhibit (a little on the spastic and blurry side, TBH). Gallantly, Ed provided me with high resolution ones from the exhibit which really do the outfits justice. Thanks to him and the CT Historical Society photographers for the images below:

Iconic, active, and playful trousers. Demonstrating their flexibility at the entrance to the exhibit

make up
Who doesn’t adore a vintage cosmetics display?

hepburn golf course
A candid of Hepburn on the golf course. Apparently, she shot in the low 80s, which is absolutely amazing.

This dress, worn by Hepburn in The Stage Door, features grey marquisette petals finished by a surprisingly ethereal suede magenta belt. And a very, very, tiny waistline
The exhibit will be on display until September, so plenty of time to stop by and stroll through all the gorgeous looks. Also, mark your calendars for “Kate Couture: A Hepburn-Inspired Fashion Show” on Saturday, May 10th. More information on the exhibit and the fashion show can be found here


2 thoughts on “#TBT with @ConnHistSoc and “Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen.”

  1. This event looks SO ridiculously cool and I love that photo of a photo that Ed caught. He is the best! I remember at the CHS Cookoff he did some amazing giant selfie action, before it was tremdy (the Ellen selfie from the Oscars).

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