Happy Earth Day! Let’s @Maketrashion + Penelope’s Easter Style

trashion alex symphers photo 1

Photo courtesy of Alex Syphers for CTNow


Last year, I was in a blissful haze of new Mommydom, and Trashion Fashion barely blipped on my radar. This year, however was different, as Amy and I got together to brainstorm some marketing plans. And I got to walk in the show in a fabulous Yelp get up. So I went from no involvement to… lot of involvement… which was terrific, if a bit terrifying with a one-year-old running around and being in our busiest time of year for work with the Best of Hartford.
But if I worked hard, then Amy and her team absolutely killed it. From the model coordinators to the amazing artists, led by Nina Salazar and Jen Merli, there was a ton of passion – and trash – that went into producing a magical evening.

Etheral jellyfish – made of recycled plastic bags – floating above the runway at City Hall

The idea of Trashion is pretty simple – take clean waste – often from contributing local business such as Blo West Hartford and Billings Forge – pictured below – and create amazing gowns.


ladies of trashion

From left to right – Blo’s look, Yelp’s Look, Hartford Print‘s look, and Billings Forge’s look.  I now strongly want a kale fascinator of my own
It’s kind of a mash up of green awareness with the “unusual challenge” on Project Runway – ie – it’s two things I really, really dig. The live runway show featured many amazing looks

trashion alex syphers photo 3

Photo courtesy of Alex Syphers for CTNow
And the pre-show reception featured installations that raised awareness for green activism, as well as food donations from Billings Forge and drinks courtesy of Ripe and Tanduay.  The passion fruit daiquiri is my new summer obsession – thanks JD!
If you missed this Trashion – it’s going on the road with upcoming shows in Brooklyn and Washington, DC, including a rumored pop up dance event today in NYC in honor of Earth Day.  Check out the showdates here!


flower bombs

Also – the guests all left with flower bombs as favors – can’t wait to chuck mine in the garden and watch them bloom
So yes, all of this took place the night before Easter. Which means I took it easy at the afterparty – which was right up the road at City Steam

Laurel behind the bar modeling some amazing trashion accessories in her braid
City Steam was also the site of a pre-Trashion photoshoot by the way – check out this amazing mash up design of Hartford Courant and City Steam coasters and posters


city steam photo courtesy of Amy merli

Photo courtesy of Amy Merli
As promised in a previous post, here’s a picture of Penelope’s adorable easter head bow, which she wore to early morning Mass at St Therese Church

penelope bow

And ripped off her head five minutes later – I guess she feels about head bows like she does about head bands, unfortunately

After church, we changed into something more casual and rugged for egg huntin

easter basket

Seen here placing an egg into her basket!  Like a Big Girl!

And then it was back into the fluffy yellow dress – sans bow – for Easter lunch at Auntie’s!


Such a little ham

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and is enjoying Earth Day today!  Cheers to all xo



2 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day! Let’s @Maketrashion + Penelope’s Easter Style

  1. P’s face in that last pic is definition of ham! Ham city, baby. Opposite of her daddy so I guess she had to ham extra to make up for him being in the pic, yaaaas. I love that City Steam bartender’s Trashion braid! I absolutely want one. Can’t get over how fun this event must’ve been to partake in. Definitely is making me miss you and the CT event circuit. You looked so amazing.

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