Soft opening of @TedMontanaGrill – a game changing cocktail @KrustPizzaBar and Curious George @CTScienceCenter


Greetings friends!

Ok, the picture above is pretty unrelated to everything else in this post but LOOK AT HER.  How can I possibly help myself?

Anyway, here’s a recap of the weekend’s festivities, which included: the soft opening of Ted’s Montana Grill on Front St in Hartford, a spontaneous girls’ trip to Arrigoni Winery in Portland, followed by cocktails and bites at Krust, a fashion show inspired by Kate Hepburn at the CT Historical Society, a trip to the CT Science Center to meet Curious George, and last but not least – a Foxwoods with my husbands’ family for Mothers’ Day.  Whew!  Let’s get started shall we?

teds montana

Left to right: Joshua Reese – CEO of Camp Courant, me, Kerry Burrows, and Conor Geary, Marketing Manager for Ted’s Montana Grill, Hartford.  Photo courtesy of Jim DeMicco

I’ve been waiting for this restaurant to open ever since Conor announced he was leaving City Steam to head up their local marketing team.  Kerry has been to their South Windsor location several times and was happy to guide me through the menu.  And bumping into Joshua from our own Camp Courant was a nice surprise that definitely merited a photo!

strawberry margarita

Also photogenic: the Strawberry Margaritas

Because this was a soft opening, all the food was free!  But for a soft opening, things went remarkably smoothly.  Our server (a dead ringer for Jennifer Lawrence) was friendly, knowledgeable, and familiar as she also works part time at City Steam.  The food came out in a timely manner, was cooked very well, as the menu described, and condiments and niceties such as water freshening were provided before we could think to ask of them.

onion rings

Salt-N-Pepper Onion Rings, which were thick and meaty with a nicely seasoned flaky breading

chicken salad

For balance with the fried/meaty stuff: a pretty, seasonal Strawberry Spinach Salad.  Not my favorite of the items we ordered, but Kerry loved it!


Kerry and I opted to split the New Mexico Burger, which was a bison patty loaded with pepper jack cheese, roasted Anaheim peppers, spicy tomato jam and fresh guacamole

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for a good Bison burger.  My previous experience with this protein has tended to be at Foxwoods, at Fuddruckers, around 2 am in the morning – so it was nice to sample a gourmet version at a more, shall we say, ‘seasonable’ hour.  The peppery jam and guacamole worked very nicely atop the gamey bison – to be honest I’ll have a hard time ordering anything else off the Ted’s menu as I liked this so much!  A good problem to have, for sure.

After work, I rounded up two of the finest ladies around – Carolyn Paine and Emily Cahill respectively, and we headed down to Arrigoni Vineyards in search of a wine tasting.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the tasting itself, which is ok because I want to go back to do a full post at some point in the future.  Ah yes, but the maple syrup infused, and aptly named, Sugar House – deserved a mention right this very minute, because it was fantastic.  The key to this wine is that it’s not too sweet – the flavor of the maple sings through the simple table white vs the sugar content.  And it’s a breakfast wine!! I love that.  Naturally I took a bottle home with me for a maple syrup themed brunch at some point in the near future.

outhouse princess

This is the only picture I managed to take at the vineyard.  But it pretty much sums up everything.

On the way to the vineyard, we drove right by Krust – and Emily casually suggested that ‘just perhaps’ we could stop by on the way back?  Ah yes, what a marvelous suggestion.  We ponied up to the bar

wood fired oven

With an excellent view of the wood fire pizza oven

And proceeded to order, pretty much, boozy cereal in a glass

krust cocktail

The Cinnamon Toast Krust: featuring Tanduay Rum and the tears of angels

Carolyn and Emily opted for the – predictably – fantastic pizza, but I chose the road less traveled and went for a menu item I’ve long been curious about – the Liuzzi Burratina


The fact that it came with a seasonal ramp garnish and pungent ramp pesto just made it all the easier to order.  The cheese is also local – sourced from North Haven

This cheese ball was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be, although I did find the pesto croutons to be a touch overseasoned.  Having said that, the creamy, fall apart fresh cheese paired extraordinarily well with the heavy, garlicky ramp pesto and crisp croutons, as well as the malbec I ordered to pair with it.

kat in a hat with em and carolyn

I love these ladies so hard.

Emily and Carolyn continued their night’s adventures with karaoke and other fun, wild things – but I was home to baby and husband and that was just fine.  Especially as the next day, it was up and off to a fun, casual fashion show inspired by Kate Hepburn at the Ct Historical Society!

kate hepburn exhibit

“Kate Couture”

All the looks were provided by Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets – which means I was personally underwhelmed by several looks by clothing stores that, well, I’m just not crazy about (I’m looking at you, Chico’s.  So sorry).  But even though it wasn’t all ‘my style,’ it was still very cool to see how the producers of the show put together looks which were both period and Kate Hepburn inspired.  And I did fall completely in love at the end of the show, when the Saks Fifth Avenue off 5th pieces strutted down the runway.

saks off fifth

The middle look is a Rebecca Taylor peplum waist LBD.  I fully plan on hunting it down.  And thanks to the swag bag, I have a coupon.  Holla!

Post show, I had a surprise, fabulous run-in with the Marketing Director of the Wadsworth, Amanda Young

kat and amanda

Pictured left modeling a fierce business onesie (ok, maybe it’s shorts and a super cute nautical top – but close enough).  My Alice + Olivia dress was purchased the day before at Silkworm in West Hartford!  I can already tell it will be a wardrobe staple.

There were plenty of ladies out and about, many with their mommas!  I got to see Carolyn again with her mother (yay) as well as the always lovely Kerri Provost of Real Hartford.  The fashion show also clued me in to very cool tip for the fall – the Wadsworth will be hosting a Posh Sale this year!  I attended one several years ago and have been hoping to have the chance to go to another ever since.  More info to follow on this event, which will feature unique vintage clothing for sale from the Wadsworth’s amazing textile gallery.

Sunday was, of course, Mother’s Day.  We celebrated by attending a pancake breakfast with Curious George, to which we were invited by Tracy Shirer – Marketing Manager at the CT Science Center

science center

Thanks for the tickets Tracy!  It was a very special first Science Center trip for Penelope 🙂


And the pancakes were oh-so-delicious too!  Yum

Unfortunately, as so often happens with small children, Curious George turned out to be “way more intense in person,” to quote Mitch Hedburg.

escape the monkey

Flee the monkey (note Tracy trying to cheer her up.  Not working)

punch the monkey

Punch the monkey if you can.  Whatever it takes to get away.

So alas, Curious George was a little scary, but everything else at the Ct Science Center was a big hit, including the bouncy castle in the background of the pictures!  I hadn’t realized how much cool stuff there was for toddlers at the Science Center, from the kinetic experiments on the first floor…

golf balls

Ooh golf balls.  So fascinating


…and motion activated bubbles on the fourth floor…


…and sweet dinosaurs to ride in the rooftop garden!

We had an absolute blast, and would have absolutely stayed longer had we not been going to meet my husband’s family at Foxwoods to celebrate Mother’s Day


As well as the engagement of Katlin Connelly and Steve Boudreau – second and last in row on the left hand side.  Congrats to you guys!  Can’t wait for the wedding.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend with their mamas, or mama figures, in their lives.  As always, thanks for reading xoxo



11 thoughts on “Soft opening of @TedMontanaGrill – a game changing cocktail @KrustPizzaBar and Curious George @CTScienceCenter

  1. Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard at Curious George like wow could they have picked a scarier costume it is so funny. I imagine all the little hipster children trying to attack him in the science center. Poor george.

    I love Ted’s Montana grill- will definately have to make a trip to the Hartford location!!

    Hope you had a great mother’s day, see you and Penelope soon xoxox

  2. Love the rooftop dino!

    There were a few things in the fashion show I wasn’t crazy about either, but I think the interpretation was pretty cool. Still, more stuff that I wanted than didn’t, which is dangerous this time of year when my pay stops for a few months.

    1. Kerri if you want to go down there with me at some point this summer maybe we could make a day trip out of it and use the coupons – sorry I’m a fashion enabler probably should have said ‘oh my goodness, don’t shop….’ I just don’t know how to tho 😉

  3. But also WHAT IS YOUR LIFE. I have sooo many things to say. Like how you know I’d have been all about a winery trip followed by Krust. I actually have an expired Living Social deal (still good for face value!) to use at Arrigoni and the BREAKFAST wine makes me all the more excited to do so. Any wine created specifically for consumption in the morning is wine I can get behind. I adore the Cinnamon Toast Krust, I had the Onyx Moonshine version about a year back and nearly died and went to heaven! David Brogan is actually the one who introduced it to me!
    I haven’t been to TEd’s in eons but I always enjoy it and actually recommended it to my coworker for her Vday dinner a couple of months ago. She and her fiance were so very impressed! Bison is incredible whether consumed at 2pm or 2am though I’ll admit 2am anything wins, no question about it.
    That Fashion Show looks soooo cool. CT Historical Society is the best for fab events. Can’t get over how good you look in that dress!
    GAWD I miss you and CT so very much! XOXO so glad I can follow through your blog.

    1. I miss you and your fabulous life too dear! Thank goodness we have the blogs so that we can vicariously enjoy each other’s foodie and fashion experiences before our GRAND MEET UPS (so excited for rose cruise oh my goodness)

  4. I love TMG. One of the few chains I actually enjoy. Tony loves their pickles and their chili is yum. Plus, they had water in their floor once and I tripped, fell and my skirt went over my head and I landed in someone’s lap. Our meal was free(obviously;) but what was awesome was that they sent me what had to be at least a $125 flower arrangement a few days later. I am sure they just thought I was going to sue, but I still was excited to get them, whatever the intention.hahaha

    1. I will! But not until I do my own write up which I’m 100% sure you understand 🙂 can’t wait to read it however! I’ll also link to yours, which will be a bit difficult without looking at it, hopefully I don’t get any ‘spoiler alerts’

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