A Farmer’s Market Roundup

Hello!  Summer is right around the corner, and with it, the chance to buy everything from cheese to veggies to Onyx Moonshine outside and locally at the Farmer’s Market.  Below is a round up of some of my favorite markets, as well as those recommended by Facebook friends in CT.

…and speaking of summer, the 90 + Cellar’s Rose Cruise is right around the corner too, on June 7th!  I’m very excited to travel up to Boston to attend this event (only a couple hours away – I love CT) and tickets are available today with a $10 discount when you use the code DRINKROSE33.  Visit here to purchase:  http://bit.ly/drinkrose14

rose glasses

OK!  back to the farmers market.  Top dog in town appears to be, by an overwhelming majority, Coventry Farmer’s Market.  Which makes sense, as it’s the largest in the state, features amazing happenings such as the annual Farm to Shaker competition, and also won the Best of Hartford readers’ poll this year!


Here is Winter and her amazing crew celebrating their win, along with a Celebrity Chicken.  Photo courtesy of Robert Cooper for Ctnow.com

I went to Coventry last summer with a wee Penelope and Caitlin, and she did a write up of it on her blog, which is here if anyone wants to read it/see cute vintage Penelope baby pictures.  If you want to visit, the market takes place every Sunday from April to October.

But just because Coventry is amazing doesn’t mean we should ignore the other amazing markets in the state!  Next up on the list is Billings Forge, which is an urban year round market located on Broad St in Hartford.  It’s within walking distance of my office, and I stroll down all the time to get goodies such as fresh greens from Collinsville, goat cheese from Sweet P (which I can also get, to be fair, within a couple miles of my house but it’s nice to see it in the city!) and kale and radishes from Simsbury.  The Billings Forge market also accepts food stamps and is a great way to bring fresh, green things to the city.  And in the summer, you can catch the Nora Cupcake truck or the amazing vegan G Monkey Mobile for a fresh twist on lunch!  The Billings Forge market takes place every Thursday, all year round.

It would be wrong to make this list and not include my home town market of course.  I feel like all of the Granbys are basically a giant farmers’ stand in the summer – with fresh goat cheese available at Sweet P, local wine at Lost Acres, and many, many little vegetable stands.  It’s pretty great, and so is our stand alone farmers market, which runs from June – October.  One of the best wares to come out of our region, in my opinion, are gorgeous wildflowers, so if you’re looking to pretty up your next dinner party or surprise a significant other, you know where to go!

OK, on to the recommendations.  LeeAnne – our favorite resident foodie- gives a shout out to Coventry (of course) but also recommends her local Ellington or  South Windsor markets.  Jennifer Crookes Carpenter – PR lady extraordinaire – has home town pride in Collinsville, and their market which includes: he best ramps, garlic and tomatoes around (plus a one-eyed rooster),” which sounds pretty amazing.  And my awesome coworker Rebecca gave me a tip for another urban market near Hartford Hospital on Fridays (cool – especially for anyone who is staying in the hospital long term), plus the Suffield Farmers’ Market – which is also close to home for me, so I’ll be checking it out this summer once it opens in June.  Thanks everyone for the tips!

If you have a local, favorite market which isn’t mentioned here, please leave it in the comments below 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Farmer’s Market Roundup

  1. I love how you call photos from less than a year ago “vintage”. Then again when babies grow so fast, they sure must seem vintage! Thank you for shouting out both my blog and 90+!

  2. Love the Coventry Farmers Market! My wonderful town of residency, Wethersfield, has a very petite farmers market Thursdays from 3-6 at Cove Park, through October (yesterday was opening day)… it’s small, but growing!

    1. Nice! I think it’s wonderful to have the smaller local markets which you can just pop over to whenever, as well as the bigger regional ones which require a full daytrip excursion 🙂

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