@90pluscellars Rose Cruise with @Caitplusate #drinkRose

Friends!  Another successful weekend spent almost entire out doors – this is the easiest resolution ever to keep.  And this one was kept in remarkable good company, aboard the annual 90 Plus Cellars Rose Cruise out of the Boston Rowes Wharf

caitlin and kat

Thanks so much for the ticket, Cait.  Also, we didn’t have to coordinate wearing Lilly Pulitzer sundresses – it just happened.  BAM

The Boston Wharf is seriously gorgeous, especially on a hot, early summer day

view at the wharf

Pre-gaming the cruise at The Landing

walking to boat

Thanks to the all pink dress code, we looked a bit like a bachelorette party walking down to the boat.  I love it.

the boat

All aboard the Samuel Clemens!  Photo courtesy of Sean Fowler


Check out the pretty, pretty pink drink tickets.  Photo also courtesy of Sean

with glass

Yaaaas, time for fun.  Each ticket was good for one glass of rose!

The three story boat offered many different seating, as well as sun and shade options, during the three hour cruise.  There were spacious seats below near the bar


Covered in swag!  Another Sean photo

But the deck was, without a doubt, where the party was, and also where we coincidentally spent most of our time


Cheers!  Pictured left to right: Caitlin, her friend Greg, Hannah, and me


And again!  Cheers, my dears

caitlin and stephanie

Caitling and her awesome Mama, Stephanie

setting up camera

Caitlin’s coworker Jeannie setting up a camera to film the partying.  And in the side of the picture, my stack o’ watermelon

bathroom selfie

Artsy bathroom selfie, because, well, because I can.


glass of rose

A pretty, close up shot of the rose, courtesy of Sean Fowler.  Which was a Lot 33 of the 90 Plus Cellars brand.  It was crisp and very well rounded, and it went down remarkably well, glass after glass of it.


Which is why I felt exactly like this flamingo by the time we got off the boat.  Worth it!

Where was Penelope while her Mommy was on the boat, you ask?  She was hanging at home with her Daddy, attending a 50 year wedding anniversary celebration with Mike’s family and rocking a party dress

penelope in dress

And also trying to steal flowers off of her cousin’s party dress

Although I missed her like crazy, it was honestly quite nice to get away and enjoy a girls’ night, especially one in Boston, which is a city that just lends itself to going out and having a good time.  The entire cruise was such fun – it was worth spending a bit of time away from my precious little darling!  Plus we had plenty of good bonding time on Sunday, including a trip to the driving range (regrettably I left my camera in the car – next time I’ll capture some pictures of Penelope with her adorable Care Bears golf set).  And yes, she may be putting before she can walk at this stage 🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely, sunshiny summer weekend, and please don’t forget to #drinkrose


2 thoughts on “@90pluscellars Rose Cruise with @Caitplusate #drinkRose

  1. Thanks so much for coming and writing a fun recap of the cruise!!! I am so happy you were there with me to enjoy such a fabulous event. I just knew you’d love it.

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