@faithwnpr Food Schmooze, @HartfordMag Best of Party, and Watch Hill Rhode Island


Is it really Monday already?  And is June almost over?  The weekends in summer fly by like sparrows, especially at the peak of the season: the solstice.  It was quite a busy and eventful weekend for us – and I can’t complain about any of it, even though I’m thoroughly tired out and sun drenched today.  Below is a recap/roundup from Thursday night through Saturday.  But first!  A word from our sponsors!


Just kidding, I don’t have sponsors.  But Front Street Bistro is hosting this awesome cigar dinner tomorrow night, and you should go.

One of my favorite events of the year:

w faith middleton

The Faith Middleton Food Schmooze Martini Competition.  Pictured here with Kerry Burrows and the lady herself

Faith Middleton is a popular host on WNPR, and her show focuses on “the richness of life and everything in it.”  The topics vary, but overwhelmingly, the show is about food.  Glorious, delicious food.  And the Food Schmooze brings together top restaurants to compete for the accolade of best martini – which makes for some very good sampling:

Kerry food schmooze

And this year’s venue, the Riverview in Simsbury, is simply gorgeous!

smokin with James

The first drink we tried upon entering was ‘Smoking with James’ by Plan B – which also won the entire competition!

In addition to the smoked peach cocktail, Plan B provided burger sliders.  I would have photographed one, but I was too busy eating it.  Sorry.  I did manage to grab photos of a couple other food pairings:

tylers awesome bite

Thank you Chef Tyler – so very much – for saving me this decadent little crab bite.  It paired delectably well with Millwrights Kyokai #7 – a tequila based cocktail which I’ll soon go back for a full sized version of.

burger baby beet cocktail

Another favorite – a Beet Martini from Burger Baby!

sal e peppa

A refreshing basil concoction from Sal e Peppa

half door

A very unique and hoppy cocktail (that’s a hop ice cube!) courtesy of The Half Door

rizuttos cocktail

One of my favorites from Rizuttos – a Spicy Sriracha Lemonade Bourbon, which I sampled before in this post.  The cotton candy garnish was a nice touch!

infinity bistro strawberry rhubarb

Infinity Hall Bistro provided a summer strawberry rhubarb cocktail.  I’m stoked for their new location to open in Hartford.

floral cocktail

Barley Vine’s “The Richness of Life” cocktail, featuring aromatic gin and pretty flower garnish

on20 cocktail

On 20‘s cocktail was bold and classic

chili thai tini

Cavey‘s cocktail had an unexpected and welcome Thai twist, and was paired with a (not pictured) spring roll

I didn’t necessarily sample in this order precisely, but I tried to move from dinner to dessert cocktails – and there were many rich and sweet ones to choose from:

blackberry habanero goat cheese profiterole

First up: a savory dessert – goat cheese rasberry profiterole from the Riverview, which paired nicely with their “bridezilla” spicy and sweet rasberry jalapeno cocktail

bobby v sports bar cracker jack cocktail

A pretty, whimsical Crackerjack Cocktail from the new Bobby V’s Sports Bar!

doubletree by bristol signature cookie cocktail feat chocolate caviar

My personal favorite of the event: Doubletree by Hilston Bristol‘s Signature Cookie Cocktail, with crushed cookie rim and home made chocolate caviar at the bottom.  I went back for another.  Ok I had three.

j christians

A more ‘meh’ pairing – J Christian‘s banana fudge liqueur, paired with a chocolate covered pineapple ball from Edible Arrangements.  Pineapple and chocolate are just strange bedfellows.

There were over thirty restaurants participating and competing.  There was no way I was trying thirty cocktails.  I’m happy with the selection I did sample, but I would have loved to try more!  A photo gallery including some of the lovely looking ones I missed (alas!) is available here.

Friday morning, I had the pleasure of attending the Traveler’s Championship.  I took a couple lovely photos from our corporate greenside box, before reading the literature that clearly stated NO PHOTOS.  Whoops.  So in lieue of sharing any putting shots, here’s a little picture of my sunblock swag, which was much needed on a hot sunny day:

travelers sunblock

It’s very cute and it’s currently in my purse

Friday evening, I had the pleasure of visiting Blo West Hartford, where Stacey hooked me up with, quite possibly, no scratch that – definitely – my best blow out yet

blo hair

I asked for beachy waves and the stylist nailed it.

What was the special occasion, you ask?  Why none other than the Hartford Magazine Best of Hartford Party – which took place at the Hartford Public Library


All glass everything

cuvee cheers

And we pregamed at Cuvee with rose and champagne cocktails.  It was a fancy evening

kat and erica

Lilly Pulitzer and Tracy Negoshian fancy.  Pictured with the lovely Erica from Silkworm in West Hartford!

vary studious

Big books and cocktail gowns fancy.  Pictured: me, Yurah, Caitlin, Carolyn, and Emily!

cait and kat

“Someone won Best Runner Up for Best Blogger” fancy (hint: it wasn’t me! congrats Cait!)

a vert macaroons

Macaroons from a’Vert and cabernet fancy

ripe cocktail hartford mag

Ripe mini-cocktails (always fancy)

ze ladies

Aerial view of the ladies and their NoRa mini cupcakes (fancy fancy)

nancy and such

Aeriel view of: Erika Arias, Michael Guinan of Hartford Magazine, Brad Hoffman of Hoffman Auto and Nancy Meyer – Courant Publisher (yeah, kinda fancy)

hoffman crew

More goofy than fancy – but always delightful – the Hoffman Auto crew!

cupcake trio and candy cigarettes

Trio of mini NoRa cupcakes, prosecco, and candy cigarettes from the Food Schmooze (all vary fancy)

smoked salmon pastrami

And Billings Forge fancy salmon pastrami with cream cheese on toast and green beans for dessert.  Because I’m a weirdo.

I’m just going to leave this here:


All this and it was only Friday night!  Whew!  Like I mentioned before, quite the weekend.

Saturday, we headed down to Watch Hill, Rhode Island with the family.

chocolate donut yaaas

Happiness is a chocolate donut and a day at the beach!

watch hill ri

And such a pretty beach it is!

westerly beach

This is why we always come to Watch Hill.  Before Taylor Swift made it… cool?

ooh sand so naice

And this year, P was really old enough to enjoy playing in the sand!

throwback beach

A big improvement from last year, where we had matching Lilly swimsuits but only stayed at the beach for – wait for it – 5 minutes

such twins many lillys

This year, Katlin and I wore the matching Lilly’s.  This just happened.  I dig it.

The above picture was snapped at the Kitchen at Pleasant View Inn in Westerly.  The view was magnificent – the food – adequate?  I loved the spicy bloody mary which I ordered, and the bacon wrapped scallops were quite nice:

bacon wrapped scallops

Plus!  Lovely presentation

However, my scallops were advertised to contain fried onions and instead came topped with onion rings, which threw me and also threw off the salt balance of the dish:

pan seared scallops

Pretty, but not necessary

From speaking with my fellow diners, I believe I just ordered a dish that I didn’t quite care for – I should have stuck with my instincts and ordered the enormous lobster roll!  Oh well, there’s always next time.  P spent most of the meal asleep:

asleep with turtle

Which is how I felt for most of the following Sunday!

So there you have it – a tremendous weekend indeed.  Even tho I feel like I’m too busy at times, I probably shouldn’t lose sight of how blessed I am to get to attend and experience so many terrific local events, not to mention to have such a wonderful family.  Hope everyone else is enjoying the summer and long weekends full of fun as well.



2 thoughts on “@faithwnpr Food Schmooze, @HartfordMag Best of Party, and Watch Hill Rhode Island

  1. I would love to have a beach day with you and P sometime. She has grown so very much! I remember in high school we always used to stop at that DD on the right when we were on our way to Westerly. So I can totally relate to the donut at the beach BLISS.
    Happy happy happy to see you on Friday night. I hope to see you this weekend too! I will be coming into town in the afternoon so maybe even before the evening hits if you are busy 🙂 I will be on your side of the river after all. Thanks for the props on my award! You’re the best.
    Oh, and I’m so jealous of the Faith mIddleton event.

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