We ate all the meats @BearsSmokehouse and it was glorious

Bear’s Smokehouse has been wowing the residents of Arch Street for several months, as well as operating a small location in Windsor for over a year.  The transition from a piece of counter top space to two large and gorgeous locations can’t have been an easy one – but Jamie and his family handled it like pros, and the soft opening of their new space in Windsor last Saturday went off without a hitch.

p next to vip sign

Penelope realized after we arrived that she left her wallet in her other purse – but thankfully all the delicious BBQ was FREE!

Jamie invited us in to sample his menu, and it was a good chance to bring P along, as its a very kid friendly venue and vibe – and what kid doesn’t love mac and cheese?

p w her dessert

Not to mention peach cobbler.  This was her favorite and she insisted on eating it all by herself.  Like a Big Girl

My good friend, Amanda, chose the smoked chop special
smoked pork chop


And I selected my most favorite Mac Attack (actually – second favorite – my heart belongs to the Burnt Ends on the Bear’s menu – but who doesn’t love mac and cheese?  I got a version of the mac attack today with pork.  Again.  Mmmm)

bbq and merlot

Paired with a very nice mini bottle  of blue label Francis Coppola Merlot.  Great pairing and a great wine for a BYOB event

There were many friends out and about that night – including one of my favorite bloggers, Jenna from CT Ain’t So Bad

ze gang yaaas

Always nice to see you and your crew Jenna.  🙂  And hey!  There’s Jamie on the far left.  Thanks so much for the great meal Jamie!

Oh and we DID get the requisite girl ‘shoe pic’ on our way out – early due to P’s bed time – but how cute are her toddler sneakers in this picture?  I just can’t:

SHOE stitch

So classic.  So necessary

It’s wonderful that Bear’s new location is only minutes from our house.  We will be back often, and you should go to.  There’s nothing wrong with really, really good BBQ with all the fixings.


One thought on “We ate all the meats @BearsSmokehouse and it was glorious

  1. When you’re around Jenna, you need a shoe pic! Love P in this post. Kid friendly places with quality food are so important! I grew up with my parents taking us to chain after chain and they often say nowadays they can’t believe the kind of food offered at kid friendly places. Perfect for growing young foodies, yaaas. I also liked the use of “wowing” as a verb in this post. #gowowyourself

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