Penelope’s Big Year + Send a Kid to Camp Courant!

This post is all about my kid – Penelope – and some of my favorite photos from this past year.  I promised it to a couple of you in lieu of the Facebook ‘year in review’ algorithm (which I don’t care to do for multiple reasons).  So I hope you enjoy!  And speaking of kids – a great fundraiser is coming up in February – for Camp Courant.  I’ll be there – will you?

send a kid to camp


2014 was a big year for little Penelope!  She finally grew some hair!

2014-05-17 14.06.34

Naice hair

Learned to walk:


Like a Big Girl

Enjoyed her first birthday party:

2014-04-05 16.29.38

And her birthday cupcakes

Visited the Garlic Farm:
p with her scapes

Seen here with a scape, which we learned are for looking at and not eating raw in the car

Rosedale Vineyards:

scott miller with p

Straight up chilling with Scott Miller

As well as Lost Acres Vineyard:


Where they look the other way when babies sneak grapes off the vine

We also went to the beach!


Seen here at Cape Cod in a baby tankini with whales.  So fetch.

And to Florida

swimming with grandpa

Swimming with Grandpa in Florida

We learned about the finer things in life, such as:

2014-10-10 15.02.05


baby w cannoli


2014-02-25 13.36.51


2014-10-09 06.55.41

…and temper tantrums.  Unfortunately.

We attended some marvelous parties:
2014-05-10 15.39.17

Such style

And channeled our inner Naked Cowboy:

2014-05-10 13.30.37


Went to lunch with the ladies

p and auntie

Bonded with our favorite Auntie

p and mommy on the beach lilly pulitzer

And coordinated outfits with Mommy

And we finished up the year dancing on the stage at the Wadsworth in an ugly Christmas sweater at the Connetic Dance Nutcracker Suite and Spicy matinee:

p in the snow

So amazing

Such a big girl now :*)  Mommy is so proud.


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