@Avertbrasserie and a bloggers event

I have had the distinct pleasure of beginning to work with one of my very, very favorite restaurants for social and PR work – A’Vert Brasserie in West Hartford.  We recently hosted a blogger event with very talented Head Chef, David Borselle.  He sampled a showcase of small bites featuring a tour of the tastes of A’Vert, from petit duck sandwiches to charcuterie to macaroons.  In addition, we sipped a “French Maid” cocktail (Remi 1746, Fekner cucumber, mint, lime, ginger beer), in addition to a Cote Mas Cremant De Lux Brut Rose and a Cote Mas Blanc Mediterranee.  Below is a smattering of photos from the event, taken by myself, Diane Taha, and Kerri Provost.

Thanks to all the bloggers who attended, and check out the links to their own story places here:

Lady Diana’s Pearls

Wine Esquire

The Deviled Egg Wears Prada

Ron’s Food Trips

Check out their write ups too, and be sure to visit A’Vert soon, for a glass off bubbles, their magnificent happy hour menu, a romantic dinner, or whatever your heart desires.  Your palate will thank you!





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