Tonight: the Red Carpet Experience to benefit Aids CT

It’s one of the biggest nights of the year for Hollywood, and we have a little slice of glam right here in Hartford, thanks to the annual AIDS CT Red Carpet Experience and Fundraiser.

oscars blog 1

At last year’s event: pictured left to right, this year’s Red Carpet style hosts, Alex Zarlengo and Carolyn Paine, talented local artist Nina Salazar, Yours Truly, and the every dapper Jon Aidukonis!

What’s in store for this year?  Well, these marvelous looking swag bags if you care to swing by for the VIP cocktail hour/champagne reception at 6:

oscars blog 3

Who doesn’t love Lord and Taylor?

Plus – live TV Coverage from the fabulous CT Style squad of Channel 8:

oscars blog 2

Which bowtie will Ryan Kristafer choose?  We shall find out!  (photo courtesy of WTNH Instagram)

In addition, Diane Taha and myself will be doing live social coverage for Hartford Fashion Week and selecting our favorite looks to feature – here is last year’s Best Dressed @LipstickHustler, aka the fabulous Andrea Cortez of Tainted:

oscars blog 4

It’s going to be, in short, a fashionably great time.  Hope to see you there xo


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