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Welcome friends.  Today’s post is fashion, fashion, beauty, and clothing services.  But first, let’s pause and admire this glass of bourbon shall we?

nolcha blog march 2

I was invited to attend this little shindig – and by that I mean a five course friggin’ bourbon dinner – tomorrow night.  They will have Angel’s Envy, among other fine things.  A few tickets still remain, so RSVP via Facebook here OR call Mezzo Grille and grab your seat: 860 638 4786

OK, back to fashion.  More specifically, Nolcha – an independent designer showcase which take place during New York Fashion Week which I attend every year and simply adore.  I even had my eyelashes done for the occasion by A Touch of Color Make Up:

nolcha blog 4 march

How pretty and feminine are these extensions?  And they are also very VERY easy to maintain, even for a klutz like me.  My make up routine is now down to practically no time in the morning thanks to these beauties.  You can email and book an appointment at: makeupbyss@gmail.com and mention this blog post to get 20% off your first appointment!

This year happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day and I got to attend with Scott as photographer:

nolcha blog 5

Veuve Rose and stickers.  Literally the best thing I’ve ever seen

nolcha blog sixteen

Scott soaking it all in.

So, this sounds lovely right?  SUPER lovely.  Except, of course, it snowed, a lot, and I was so sick that I was not fit to be in public like a human being and certainly not at a fashion show.  So I braved the mornings shows before retiring to misery – and although it was certainly lovely to see Minan Wong, Cute Like Mad, Planet Zero Motorsports, Fine Art of Fashion, and Vitruvius, I was very, very upset to miss the rest of the day’s line up

nolcha blog 8

Pictured: me being upset.  And also dying of flu.  But also loving my Elyse Ryan tassel and pearl necklace and cropped sweater, oh yes

nolcha blog 17

Me ignoring the advice of both Scott and Snapchat, the overall weather, and my weakened condition and wearing my fiercest, highest heels

nolcha blog 6

A peek backstage – how cool is this sweater?




A couple of Scott’s photos of the Nolcha Runway

The beautiful thing about Fashion Week is that, of course, it happens twice a year.  So I’m very much looking forward to Fall Fashion Week in August.  Ahh, yes.

To end up the clothing report: I want to highlight my new laundry delivery service: Lave Cleaners

nolcha blog 21

I love clothes, and I hate laundry.  Which is a bit of dilemma.  I’m also very, very busy as a momma and a small business owner.  So, the option to have someone pick up and deliver my laundry, in a cute little bag?  For a flat price?  Yes.  Please.  Bags are: small $20, medium $40, large $60 with all the laundry you can fit inside picked up, cleaned, folded, and delivered back to you…

…one of the best things that’s ever happened to me to be honest.


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