72 Hours in Montreal

Montreal.  A wonderful, artsy city, full of bicycles (at least in the summer months – I would imagine not so much in the winter), street art, amazing and authentic brasseries,  a sparkling clean subway (shocking to someone used to NYC, and apparently you can buy wine via a poster/barcode system although that was the subject of fierce debate between myself and Scott… so if anyone knows for sure, please chime in in the comments), outdoor street markets bursting with flowers, sidewalk cafes, Montreal bagels (life changing), chocolatiers, Syrian food, and really, really neat stationary stores.  Oh and so much more, I’m sure, but there is only so much you can soak in during 72 hours.  We just exhausted our store of meats and cheeses from trip one, with the last of the chorizo from the Jean Talon Market going into this weekend’s arroz con pollo.  Plus, there are so many more poutine variations to try:

le poutine  (1 of 1)

So a follow up trip will be a thing in the coming months.  In addition to the amazing outdoor/indoor market, we also purchased many small and necessary notebooks in the Nota Bene stationary store, strolled through the Ritz Carlton for a cocktail, shared an enormous portion of poutine (pictured above) at La Banquise, and noshed on small, dense, nutty, wood fired and utterly delicious bagels from Fairmont Bagel (noteworthy for having an entire separate flavor profile from its American counterparts.  and also!  the first bagel in space!  thats… adorable).  We also enjoyed the classic L’Express (not pictured as I didn’t bring my camera, but the steak frites and cornichons were superb), plus the unparalleled Syrian food at Damas.  So food, folks.  Lots and lots of food.  Pretty par for the course for a Kat/Scott excursion, although we are making a more conscious effort to experience more culture in addition to food culture (starting with Fiddler on the Roof next weekend in New York- hurrah!)  But regardless: no complaints.  No regrets.  Please enjoy the photos and do yourself a solid and visit Montreal if you have the chance to do so.




One thought on “72 Hours in Montreal

  1. Stephen and I love this city! The European influence is everywhere! I too, was very impressed with the markets! I remember every morning having a warm croissant with deep French Roast coffee! Next time you should checkout their Botanical Gardens! World class city! Glad you are having such a lovely adventure!

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