Weha Whiskey Festival is Baaaaack – plus a dive into Brimfield

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.  I LOVE October.  All the strange eeriness, the new year celebrations (Shana Tova), an era of spookiness and otherness which is allowed into mainstream culture but pretty much jives with my day to day aesthetic and mood.  To whit – the darkening of the world thrills me.  So I’ve saved my pictures from bizarre and wonderful land of Brimfield this summer for this fantastic month, where we dive into the bizarre and embrace it to us.  Brimfield is a magnificent outdoor flea which invades the northeast every summer, where you can find just about everything. And as you can see below – I mean that literally.  Mark it to your calendars for next year but first, in the nearest future, join me and fellow whiskey lovers at the Weha Whiskey Festival: where all profits go to Camp Courant, over 200 whiskeys are poured, and Maximum Beverage basically kills it.  This year, the event will take place at the Hartford Golf Club and include several curated, bourbon inspired small plates from local restaurants which you can both sample and vote upon.

So many reasons to attend – but here’s one more: use code KAT at checkout and get 15% off your tickets.  Which are available for purchase here and selling out quickly.  If you need me that evening, I’ll be nose deep in my favorite Glendalough whiskey and on the lawn, cigar in hand.  In my natural habitat, so to speak.  Here’s a picture of last year’s event, and below that, a small glimpse into Brimfield for your visual pleasure.  Here’s to strange, strange things and strong, dark liquor.


(Photo via the lovely Kerri Provost from last year’s Weha Whiskey Festival.  That dude is one of the founders of Glendalough.  Give him a visit when you attend this year’s event, and tell him I sent you.)




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