NYFW 2016 recap plus a look forward to Hartford Fashion Week


Pictured left to right: LaMoo Designs designer and model, Kara Sundlan of Better CT, Faschinn designer, Matthew Reisman designer and model (in lavender gown), Stylist Debbie Allen Wright, and model wearing Faschinn

I’ve loved fashion since long, long before I started working in Fashion PR (I think I bought my first issue of Vogue when I was 12 and I’ve made a point of reading every issue, cover to cover, every month since then).  But when you get to source and buy and promote fashion for a living, especially when you’re close to NYC – the entire experience just gets much fuller, as you meet incredible, creative people and learn their stories.

And it’s not just a NY scene.  We have Fashion Week in Hartford, thanks to founder Katrina Orsini.  I’m honored to serve on the committee which helps make everything happen and brings local designers together for two nights of runway shows, a VIP preview night and – starting this year – an accessories lounge where you can purchase original designers including the gorgeous handmade shoes of fellow committee members The Brothers Crisp, and the jewelry of Elyse Ryan, pictured below.  You can purchase tickets here and view the Better CT segment with more details on the shows here.



Back to NYC.  I am learning from experience with my business and my passions that I need to budget more time for fashion week.  Every year, I play the same game of “oh, it will be here again in six months,” and do not give myself the adequate amount of runway viewings.  The point is – every show is unique, every experience is interesting, and the more I soak in, the happier and more creatively satisfied I become (and my wardrobe certainly benefits also).  So be on the lookout for more posts in February and in the meantime, here are some visual recaps from Noon by Noor and the Nolcha Accessories Lounge.

About Noon by Noor: based in Bahrain, this designer’s collection is crisp, effortless, and minimal.  Clean color palates and long lines made for a cohesive, sophisticated, Spring 2017 collection.

About the Nolcha Accessories Lounge: featuring independent designers from a variety of backgrounds, this first ever Accessories Lounge highlights the up and coming talent in the design world, much like the Nolcha runway shows highlight emerging designers.  Especially impressive were the Kenyan based jewelry designer Apprelle Duany – whose handbags are all designed with a powerful female role model in mind (the “Maya Angelou, for example) and Ami Doshi Shah, whose gaspingly gorgeous sculptural jewelry is truly one of a kind and unique.  These designers work through Global Connection – a collective designed to bring emerging International independent designers to the US Market.  Oh, also, that really cool looking lady in the Newsprint blazer?  That’s New York native and men’s fashion writer Lois Fenton.  She is also a personal stylist and an immensely interesting person.  We talked vintage for a while.  What an amazing day.nyfw-2016-blog-12-of-1nyfw-2016-blog-13-of-1nyfw-2016-blog-11-of-1nyfw-2016-blog-10-of-1

Noon by Noor pictures and show scene in Chelsea


Nolcha Accessories Lounge at the Bryant Park Hotel


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