OOTD – questing for the perfect winter jacket

Finding the right items of clothing can turn into a quest.  Thankfully, I already had my Indiana Jones hat on (perfect for finding the Holy Grail or the perfect item of clothing).


Got the theme song in your head now?  You’re welcome.

I had, the previous week, dragged Scott (not entirely unwillingly) in half of the thrift stores in LA in the quest for the ‘perfect’ bomber jacket, with no luck.  Many contenders were found, but none quite measured up to standard.  So imagine my delight upon walking into Max Zeller Furs and discovering – well – exactly what I was looking for, along with completing another quest – for the perfect fur coat.  Two for one??  Reasonably priced?  That’s what I’m talking about.



Details: multi colored (farm raised) rabbit fur line this military style bomber jacket.  Not your mother’s fur coat – it has street edge, but a soft, colorful secret on the inside, waiting to envelope you in luxurious layers of (detachable) fur.  Put the hood up and enjoy a pop of color – keep it down and the same bright detail will be visible from the back.  


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