What to Wear: Late Winter Edition

It’s DEFINITELY still winter.  Snow is firmly on the ground.  Instead of slinking around in open toed sandals (or ‘cold shoulder’ tops – cute but they are called that for a reason you guys, ahem) I’m going to enjoy the last couple of days of sleek winter apparel while mixing in pieces that will transition in a flash to spring!

wristwrocks for camp courant (1 of 1)

First up: Elyse Ryan AWEARABLES wristWROCKS line.  These one of a kind stackable bracelets add a pop of color to any look, and this lovely blue and turquoise and silver stack will work equally well on a sandy beach as they do on a snowy day!

PLUS, these bracelets in particular are very near and dear to my heart, as $10 from each $50 sale goes to support all the good work of Camp Courant: bringing underprivileged kids to a full and joyous summer camp experience every summer.  The oldest of its kind of institutions in the US, Camp Courant is a truly magnificent cause, and their CEO, McKinley, is a dear friend of mine.  I was therefore both excited and honored to have the opportunity to make this collaboration happen through underwriting by my agency.  Send me an email if you’d like to purchase one (kat@alittlebirdtoldmect.com)  Giving back, being stylish – these are a few of my favorite things.

irish jacket (1 of 1)

Let’s discuss this Iris Setlakwe suede jacket from my good friends at Morneault’s Stackpole Moore Tryon Tuesday’s – and how I will be living in it – no really – for the forceable future?  Why?  Well, it’s incredibly stylish, black (YAS), and fits like a glove, but is also super comfortable and doesn’t irritate my skin the way many fitted jackets and blazers do.  Being in and out of meetings many days, all days, there is no feeling I hate worst than pinched elbows from a blazer – particularly if that blazer is layered under a winter jacket.  This jacket is so buttery soft I forget it’s there.  Here is it dressed down, but I wore it dressed up to Big Red last week.  It’s a true foundational wardrobe piece – something to buy once and keep forever, no matter what the style trends of the passing season may be.  And that’s why one of the owners and Head Stylish, Jody Morneault, says that people are such fans of this particular designer: “I love Iris for the fashion quality & fit.  It’s timeless .  Most customers think If they only wore Iris they would be happy.”

If you would like to check out the new line and also shop in a historic department store nestled on lovely Pratt St (with free parking!) then join me at the Iris Trunk Show this upcoming Thursday- Saturday.  It’s a great chance to preview the line and meet the owners, who form long lasting relationships with all their clients and are happy to talk personal style tailored to any look (or budget).  So come downtown.  Shop around.  And find yourself some pieces that won’t just transition from one season to the next, but for season after season after season.



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