Clear alcohol is for rich women on diets…

…a visual recap of the 2016 Weha Whiskey Festival, hosted at the Hartford Golf Club and featuring over 200 brands of whiskey provided by Maximum Beverage, to benefit Camp Courant.



When I am King, Bourbon shall be my Queen – a recap of the Mezzo Grille Bourbon Dinner

Ok, I shall probably never be King.  It’s just not realistic, for many reasons.  But I can still have a love affair with bourbon – in all its many lovely and dark personas.  So when my friend Nadine Gengras invited me to the Mezzo Grille for their second annual Bourbon Dinner a couple weeks ago, I was very delighted to attend.

catalina wine mixer

In addition, save the date for their upcoming Catalina Wine Mixer!

Note that the above flier says “on the patio.”  Mezzo Grille has a great out door space, a little oasis in the heart of Middletown.  The evening of the Bourbon dinner, we lucked out weather wise and were seating in semi open air conditions – a preview of much wonderful al fresco dining to come in the summer months.


Above, the talented Nadine Gengras.  She introduced us to the many, many whiskey experts on hand for the evening to guide us through their wares.  Thanks to MVX Photography for the images in this post (expect for the grainy selfies picture in Jim Beam hats – that was, ahem, taken by yours truly)


Our beginning: a really excellent, old school whiskey punch.  Bartender Joe brought in his own antique glassware for the occasion.  You can’t overstate that sort of dedication to excellence.


In addition we sampled five delightful whiskeys (Knob Creek, Widow Jane, Amador Double Barrel, Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, and a surprise visit from Angels Envy).  Equally delightfully, I did not drive.  Everyone wins!

There was plenty of good food on hand to soak up all the delicious brown liquor


CANDIED BACON ON A CLOTHESLINE.  Say what you want about hipster this and put your food on a plate that, this was clever


Look at all these happy people


Our main course: Grilled Hangar Steak.  Also served, not pictured: Braised Pork Osso Bucco to start, and a Spiced Apple Cannoli to finish.  Both meat dishes were wonderfully executed – cooked well, tender, flavorful, good sauce, etc.  The cannoli – I have no idea.  My boyfriend stole it.  Ok, I packed it up and brought it back to him.  It was girls’ night and he missed a lot of bacon and bourbon.  He deserved it

ladies night

What’s better than blondes who love bourbon in Jim Beam hats?  Umm, nothing.

Thanks to Nadine for inviting me to this truly fun, informative, and delicious evening.  She does this sort of thing quite often – I’ll be writing up our recent adventure at Nixs Hartford for Tequila and Tapas soon.  So ‘like’ your favorite restaurant pages and keep an eye out for these events – it’s a fun way to experience a place you already love while learning more about some of your preferred libations too!  And please: visit the Mezzo Grille soon and take advantage of that sweet out door patio.  You’ll be glad you did.