A Taste of the Good Life @CarbonesCT for #TasteofHartford #TGIF

Carbone’s. What can you say? They are basically the ‘godfather’ of Italian restaurants in Hartford – and they also have a bit of a personal connection to my husband’s family – as my husbands’ grandfather was friends with one of the original owners. Also, they have REALLY, really good food.

So when hey invited me in for Taste of Hartford, I was modestly thrilled. Ok, really thrilled. Ok, absolutely delighted – and so was my husband
date night x

Cheers!  Hopefully this pic gives you a feel of the old school, classy Carbone’s vibe

But let’s back up a bit.  This was actually  my second trip to Carbone’s this week.  The first was to film a cocktail segment with the delighful Paul:

Breaking down a Black Cherry Mojito – excellent for summer

Carbone’s was kind enough to provide us with an entire comped meal, and naturally we went for their Taste of Hartford menu – three courses for a fixed price of $25!

hartford has it

Seen here hanging out with my #Hartfordhasit notebook – thanks Erin!

I am, of course, still doing my 21 day fix (currently drinking a vegan breakfast smoothie and it’s yummy) so I was happy to see very healthy menu options – Italian places can be a little nerve wracking for eating clean, but there were plenty of vegetable and protein options to choose from!

orange martini yaaaas

I did cheat a bit though.  A wee bit.  A delicious wee bit.  With a Blood Orange Martini (House made Blood Orangecello with a splash of Clementine Vodka and fresh lime)

So… yeah – there were non approved cocktail.  How can you turn down house made orangello though?  I mean, really.  It would have been wrong not to drink it….  and also, to balance it out… my salad was delighful, healthy, and crunchy:

chickpea quinoa salad

Delicious, bright citrusy accents of chickpea and quinoa on the Summer Quinoa Salad (grilled seasonal vegatables, quinoa, barley, lemon vinaigrette, toasted garbanzo beans, feta)

Michael opted for a more traditional garden salad:

garden salad

Carbone’s Garden salad (crisp greens, garnishes, red wine vinaigrette dressing)

For his main, Mike ordered the shrimp scampi:

mike w his pasta

So Italian and so handsome!  Both the pasta and the fella that is, haha (Shrimp Scampi: fresh linguini, tomatoes, capers, white wine, lemon)

Again, the #21dayfix actually worked in my favor in selecting an entree, because I chose the Veal Medallions vs. the Chicken Picatta which was calling my name.  With a veggie hash, the veal appeared to be the ‘cleanest’ entree on the menu, ingredients wise, and it was also very, very delicous

omg veal medallions

Check the brussel sprouts! (Veal Medallions: summer vegetable hash, mushroom brandy cream)

The brussels were the highlight of this dish for me (go figure).  I typically over roast my brussels to caramelize and remove the cabbagy flavor, but the Carbone’s ones were all dente AND also not overly pungent.  Well done chefs.  The rosemary added a nice punch to the veal, which was also cooked to perfection:

close up veal medallions

Hallo beauties.

I may or may have not ordered a glass of merlot (Raymond R Collection, Napa Valley).  Part of the 21 day fix?  Probably not, on top of the martini.  A full bodied, balanced pairing for the veal?  Most definitely.  It’s also wonderful to find a glass of Napa wine priced at $10 – very reasonable (the martini was also in the $10 price range, for anyone whose looking for price points).

Our server, Alex, was quite delightful, attentive, and kind enough to pose for a picture with our desserts:

smiling w desserts

Thanks Alex! Pictured left: Summer Berry Pound Cake (house made butter pound cake, mixed berries, whipped cream).  Pictured right: Cannoli Duo (traditional chocolate and vanilla filled miniature cannoli)

The cake portion of my berry pound cake was nicely soaked with fresh berry juice, and I would have loved to have eaten more then the small bite I enjoyed (again – le fix)  But Michael happily polished off his own dessert as well as the remainder of mine – so it worked out well for him I guess!  What a lovely meal.  Thanks again to the Carbone’s staff for inviting us in and comping the check – it was very much appreciated, and as any new parent knows, date nights without the little one are a precious commodity.  So it’s best to mangia buono when they do happen!


One more quick note – Carbones Kitchen is offering a prixe fixe also – and the special “taste” menus are available at both restaurants until August 3rd – so check them out too!


@faithwnpr Food Schmooze, @HartfordMag Best of Party, and Watch Hill Rhode Island


Is it really Monday already?  And is June almost over?  The weekends in summer fly by like sparrows, especially at the peak of the season: the solstice.  It was quite a busy and eventful weekend for us – and I can’t complain about any of it, even though I’m thoroughly tired out and sun drenched today.  Below is a recap/roundup from Thursday night through Saturday.  But first!  A word from our sponsors!


Just kidding, I don’t have sponsors.  But Front Street Bistro is hosting this awesome cigar dinner tomorrow night, and you should go.

One of my favorite events of the year:

w faith middleton

The Faith Middleton Food Schmooze Martini Competition.  Pictured here with Kerry Burrows and the lady herself

Faith Middleton is a popular host on WNPR, and her show focuses on “the richness of life and everything in it.”  The topics vary, but overwhelmingly, the show is about food.  Glorious, delicious food.  And the Food Schmooze brings together top restaurants to compete for the accolade of best martini – which makes for some very good sampling:

Kerry food schmooze

And this year’s venue, the Riverview in Simsbury, is simply gorgeous!

smokin with James

The first drink we tried upon entering was ‘Smoking with James’ by Plan B – which also won the entire competition!

In addition to the smoked peach cocktail, Plan B provided burger sliders.  I would have photographed one, but I was too busy eating it.  Sorry.  I did manage to grab photos of a couple other food pairings:

tylers awesome bite

Thank you Chef Tyler – so very much – for saving me this decadent little crab bite.  It paired delectably well with Millwrights Kyokai #7 – a tequila based cocktail which I’ll soon go back for a full sized version of.

burger baby beet cocktail

Another favorite – a Beet Martini from Burger Baby!

sal e peppa

A refreshing basil concoction from Sal e Peppa

half door

A very unique and hoppy cocktail (that’s a hop ice cube!) courtesy of The Half Door

rizuttos cocktail

One of my favorites from Rizuttos – a Spicy Sriracha Lemonade Bourbon, which I sampled before in this post.  The cotton candy garnish was a nice touch!

infinity bistro strawberry rhubarb

Infinity Hall Bistro provided a summer strawberry rhubarb cocktail.  I’m stoked for their new location to open in Hartford.

floral cocktail

Barley Vine’s “The Richness of Life” cocktail, featuring aromatic gin and pretty flower garnish

on20 cocktail

On 20‘s cocktail was bold and classic

chili thai tini

Cavey‘s cocktail had an unexpected and welcome Thai twist, and was paired with a (not pictured) spring roll

I didn’t necessarily sample in this order precisely, but I tried to move from dinner to dessert cocktails – and there were many rich and sweet ones to choose from:

blackberry habanero goat cheese profiterole

First up: a savory dessert – goat cheese rasberry profiterole from the Riverview, which paired nicely with their “bridezilla” spicy and sweet rasberry jalapeno cocktail

bobby v sports bar cracker jack cocktail

A pretty, whimsical Crackerjack Cocktail from the new Bobby V’s Sports Bar!

doubletree by bristol signature cookie cocktail feat chocolate caviar

My personal favorite of the event: Doubletree by Hilston Bristol‘s Signature Cookie Cocktail, with crushed cookie rim and home made chocolate caviar at the bottom.  I went back for another.  Ok I had three.

j christians

A more ‘meh’ pairing – J Christian‘s banana fudge liqueur, paired with a chocolate covered pineapple ball from Edible Arrangements.  Pineapple and chocolate are just strange bedfellows.

There were over thirty restaurants participating and competing.  There was no way I was trying thirty cocktails.  I’m happy with the selection I did sample, but I would have loved to try more!  A photo gallery including some of the lovely looking ones I missed (alas!) is available here.

Friday morning, I had the pleasure of attending the Traveler’s Championship.  I took a couple lovely photos from our corporate greenside box, before reading the literature that clearly stated NO PHOTOS.  Whoops.  So in lieue of sharing any putting shots, here’s a little picture of my sunblock swag, which was much needed on a hot sunny day:

travelers sunblock

It’s very cute and it’s currently in my purse

Friday evening, I had the pleasure of visiting Blo West Hartford, where Stacey hooked me up with, quite possibly, no scratch that – definitely – my best blow out yet

blo hair

I asked for beachy waves and the stylist nailed it.

What was the special occasion, you ask?  Why none other than the Hartford Magazine Best of Hartford Party – which took place at the Hartford Public Library


All glass everything

cuvee cheers

And we pregamed at Cuvee with rose and champagne cocktails.  It was a fancy evening

kat and erica

Lilly Pulitzer and Tracy Negoshian fancy.  Pictured with the lovely Erica from Silkworm in West Hartford!

vary studious

Big books and cocktail gowns fancy.  Pictured: me, Yurah, Caitlin, Carolyn, and Emily!

cait and kat

“Someone won Best Runner Up for Best Blogger” fancy (hint: it wasn’t me! congrats Cait!)

a vert macaroons

Macaroons from a’Vert and cabernet fancy

ripe cocktail hartford mag

Ripe mini-cocktails (always fancy)

ze ladies

Aerial view of the ladies and their NoRa mini cupcakes (fancy fancy)

nancy and such

Aeriel view of: Erika Arias, Michael Guinan of Hartford Magazine, Brad Hoffman of Hoffman Auto and Nancy Meyer – Courant Publisher (yeah, kinda fancy)

hoffman crew

More goofy than fancy – but always delightful – the Hoffman Auto crew!

cupcake trio and candy cigarettes

Trio of mini NoRa cupcakes, prosecco, and candy cigarettes from the Food Schmooze (all vary fancy)

smoked salmon pastrami

And Billings Forge fancy salmon pastrami with cream cheese on toast and green beans for dessert.  Because I’m a weirdo.

I’m just going to leave this here:


All this and it was only Friday night!  Whew!  Like I mentioned before, quite the weekend.

Saturday, we headed down to Watch Hill, Rhode Island with the family.

chocolate donut yaaas

Happiness is a chocolate donut and a day at the beach!

watch hill ri

And such a pretty beach it is!

westerly beach

This is why we always come to Watch Hill.  Before Taylor Swift made it… cool?

ooh sand so naice

And this year, P was really old enough to enjoy playing in the sand!

throwback beach

A big improvement from last year, where we had matching Lilly swimsuits but only stayed at the beach for – wait for it – 5 minutes

such twins many lillys

This year, Katlin and I wore the matching Lilly’s.  This just happened.  I dig it.

The above picture was snapped at the Kitchen at Pleasant View Inn in Westerly.  The view was magnificent – the food – adequate?  I loved the spicy bloody mary which I ordered, and the bacon wrapped scallops were quite nice:

bacon wrapped scallops

Plus!  Lovely presentation

However, my scallops were advertised to contain fried onions and instead came topped with onion rings, which threw me and also threw off the salt balance of the dish:

pan seared scallops

Pretty, but not necessary

From speaking with my fellow diners, I believe I just ordered a dish that I didn’t quite care for – I should have stuck with my instincts and ordered the enormous lobster roll!  Oh well, there’s always next time.  P spent most of the meal asleep:

asleep with turtle

Which is how I felt for most of the following Sunday!

So there you have it – a tremendous weekend indeed.  Even tho I feel like I’m too busy at times, I probably shouldn’t lose sight of how blessed I am to get to attend and experience so many terrific local events, not to mention to have such a wonderful family.  Hope everyone else is enjoying the summer and long weekends full of fun as well.


A weekend with Penelope and some pampering for Mommy at Skincare by Marcia!

Reminder: tonight is Yelp Helps at the Society Room!  So get out after work, enjoy some cocktail samples and nibbles, and get to know some of Hartford’s finest local charities, non-profits, and arts organizations.

Sometimes the weeks – and especially the weekends – get very busy with events.  It’s an occupational hazard of working int he media – and to be honest I love it – but it’s really nice to slow down at times and spend quality time with Penelope.

kat and p

We make for quite the dynamic duo

On Saturday, we headed into Hartford to walk the pink carpet, make arts and crafts for Daddy, and enjoy Open House Day.

happy fathers day

Hartford Prints hosted a great arts and craft’s event for kids.  This is Penelope’s cousin’s, Eva’s craft.  P’s was decidedly more abstract.


My OOTD.  I was proud of the mommy look so I am sharing, even tho it’s a terrible selfie face.

Conveniently, The Society Room is located directly across the street from Hartford Prints.  And they had a nice pink carpet rolled out for the ‘fabulous little ladies’ attending this VAZ event (the sweet spot for this event was 6-12 years, but everyone from 14 month old P to older teenage girls seemed to have a really great time!)

society room vaz

Fancy fancy

 VAZ is a local group dedicated to providing women with fun and meaningful ‘girls night out’ type experiences.  The event we attended was their annual junior VAZ – and it was, indeed fabulous.

aerial view vaz

Great turnout! 

Among the many vendors present, I spotted a couple familiar places who are clients of mine:

  Little Miss Bella Boutique in Farmington!  A great spot to pamper your little princess with a manicure or a tea party!

playhouse on park kids

Playhouse on Park! With a booth all decked out for the occasion in dress up finery

There were tons and tons of fine, girly merchandise for sales – from shoes to tutus.  Thankfully, Penelope has excellent taste and she chose the $5 teddy bear – proceeds from which benefited Grace Academy Hartford.

Penelope might have been a bit young to really get into the shopping (oh thank you God) but she was completely into the red carpet.  Little girls ages 6 and up were invited to strut down a runway MC’d by Cinderella

pink carpet

Work it, ladies

So naturally, Penelope had to test out the runway herself

yes i dance now

There was dancing and much excitement


With her lovely cousin Ava.  Still eyeing the stage however.  Can’t keep a diva off the stage.

After we left VAZ, slightly dazed, in a sugar coma, and covered in glitter, my Aunt Virginia suggested we walk down to the Wadsworth, which was offering free admission for Open House Day!

open house day

So cool


And there was a live DJ and chalk for the kiddos outside!

Inside, there were a myriad of arts and crafts activities, as well as the opportunity to dress up and be photographed in traditional African clothing garments as an interactive function of one of the Wadsworth’s new exhibits: Fresh Faces (a collection of varied portrayals of African Americans in American art).

wadsworth arts and crafts

It’s amazing how often you can go to the Wadsworth and end up leaving with something you created yourself!  Here, museum goers create collages with varied textured papers, as well as their own art pieces.

So, Saturday was a fine day out in Hartford.  Sunday was, of course, Father’s Day, and Mike took off for golf with his Dad for most of the day, leaving P and I to our own devices.  We stayed local in Granby, visiting two farms and a vineyard and hiking at Enders.

p with her scapes

Picking scapes at The Garlic Farm

p and mammy

Paddling in the waterfalls at Enders


So very gorgeous.  I recommend you go, and bring a towel

adirondack chair

Sitting in the Big Girl Chair at our favorite, Lost Acres Vineyard

rose glass

Whilst Mommy enjoyed a nice glass of rose

bag of swag

The results of our shopping: local honey, scapes galore, Sweet Pea feta, local pork, and a bottle of rose

In addition the weekend’s festivities, I’d like to include a mention of Marcia, who is an amazing aesthetician who recently moved to Stonington, CT, from California.  She brought with her Lira products – a brand which is quite popular on the West Coast and based out of London.  Like another one of my favorite UK based brands – Lush – Lira uses all natural stem cell plant ingredients to create highly precise skin care products with homeopathic basis such as alpine roses and oranges.  Right up my alley!  I am a bit leery of chemical facials, so I was very into the ingredients list in this line.


Tada!  Lira!

Marcia is warm, friendly, and consultative in her skin care approach.  She invited me down for a free facial after I met her through a mutual friend at one of our Hartford Magazine launch parties.  I’ve waiting a couple weeks to post this as I wanted to see the difference in my skin.  Since the facial, my occasional acne has cleared up considerably (I’ve also been using a gentle Lira facial exfoliator recommended by Marcia) and my skin has better shine and tone, without a doubt.  It was amazing how much dead skin was on my face (ok, it was disgusting)… immediately after the facial, I had visible freckles which weren’t there an hour before!

marcia billburg better photo

Thanks so much Marcia!

Marcia can be found right on Stonington’s cozy main street, inside Elizabeth’s Hair Studio

view of the street

I have mad love for Stonington.  It’s just the quintessential Ct shoreline town, and the Main St is just quaint and perfect

If you do go see her, please mention this post for 10% off of a treatment of your choice!  And also,  like her page on Facebook for more info on what she does and the fabulous Lira product line.  You’re not likely to find it from another aesthetician on the East Coast, and the natural ingredients are worth a daytrip (not that we need an excuse with this gorgeous summery weather).  Plus, summer is a great time to protect your skin from the sun and the elements with a little pampering.  I’ll be back soon, without a doubt 🙂



#TGIF with @AChangeofEatery + the @CTMusicAwards

Hello friends!  Let’s start with an inspirational picture from Penelope:

rue lala

No matter what obstacles you find today – believe in yourself and you will overcome!

And, because it’s FRIDAY, let’s talk cocktails with Emily Cahill, Community Manager for Yelp in Hartford.  She is mixing up one of her own creations, which she collaborated with Onyx Moonshine to create.  Catch her, Onyx, and a whole cache of wonderful local charities at The Society Room in Hartford on Wednesday, June 18th, for Yelp Helps!


Wow yourself

belmont elderflower

This was my second chance to hang with Emily this week (yay) as she also attended the 3rd annual CT Music Awards, which is our very own event produced by the one and only Chip McCabe

Chip caito photo

Photo by Nick Caito

This is a very special, red carpet, Emmy style awards ceremony which celebrates the local music scene in CT (and also, let’s face it, attracts one of the largest native crowds of hipsters to be found anywhere outside of Brooklyn).  The bands are all voted on by the local community at ctnow.com – and the full results of the poll can be viewed here.

Naturally, for a red carpet, a girl’s gotta dress.  I had lots of help thanks to one of our generous event sponsors: Blo West Hartford



haha yaaaas


pretty hair



Angie of 1974 was in at the same time as me to get her hair styled.  She is delightful

After my hair was properly buffed and bounced to shiny perfection, I headed over to Venom Vintage, where Dina was awaiting me with several dress options for the evening

dina brass

She also had her hair styled by Blo and it is fierce so I have to share

Dina carries several decades worth of vintage looks, and she was kind enough to loan me an enormously kick ass dress to rock on the red carpet.  Thanks Dina!

kat venom vintage

I could be on the set of Dallas in this dress.  So sparkly

I arrived early at the Bushnell to assist with some last minute set up of the swag bags – which was a less than enjoyable, frantic experience.

swag bags

Hello, 500 swag bags.  How nice to meet you

Almost anyone who works events knows that the couple of hours before things kick off are sweaty and awkward and terrifying and stressful – and then suddenly – it’s “go” time, and everything is perfect, and it’s all so very worth it

red carpet 1974

Honestly, I didn’t do very much compared to the rest of our events team, which set up among other things this red carpet and step and repeat.  Pictured: Sean Fowler photographing 1974

nick ciato and crew

Mr. Nick Caito, Emily, myself, and Carolyn Paine, who was also performing that evening!

ct music awards carolyn

That’s an action shot of Carolyn doing her hipster ballet thing with 1974 during one of the three live musical performances of the evening (Elison Jackson and Fight the Fear also took to the stage)

I was, I’ll admit, a bit disappointed that one of my local favorites, Little Ugly, didn’t take any awards home this year.  But it was nonetheless cool to yet again be part of this event and feel the energy of so many talented musicians and artists.

ct music awards

Including some behind the scenes folks like Kat Mizla, who designed all the graphics.

So rock on, Hartford.  Rock right on.

#TGIF with @FireboxCT and a groovy block party @TheWadsworth #HartfordHasIt

Ah, rhubarb everything.  Thanks, Ben, for demo-ing this awesome cocktail for me.  And man, it was delicious.  The trick appears to be creating a nice rhubarb base and then voila – a high quality, very seasonal cocktail guaranteed to impress your friends.


Rhubarb puree, cooked down with sugar and not strained

1/2 oz Aviation Gin

1/2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/3 oz orchard apricot

Dash Bittermeins Amere Sauvage

Lemon twist

rhubarb cocktail

So delicious.  Can’t go wrong with Firebox.

In addition, I’d like to include a little write up of a great event I attended last night – First Thursday at the Wadsworth Atheneum.  The Wadsworth hosts First Thursday – on – you guessed it – the First Thursday of every month, with a different theme, movie, crafting activity, and other interactive events.  This groovy, 70s edition was a heck of a lot of fun.  I wasn’t planning on dressing up, but I happened to be at Venom Vintage today shopping looks for the Ct Music Awards on Tuesday (spoiler alert: I found an awesome 90s get up and I can’t wait to rock it).  Long story short, Dina found out where I was headed and proferred a pair of very groovy, very vintage pants.



I attended the party with Amanda and Jade

with sarah jade and amanda

Pictured here with the one of the Wadsworth’s awesome marketing staff, Sarah (left to right: Jade, me, Sarah, Amanda)

This First Thursday was entirely out doors (continuing my resolution to do outdoor things this summer!  yay!)  And featured a very swaggy VIP patio, sponsored by Yelp Hartford:

Emily yelp booth

Pictured: Mz. Yelp herself, Emily Cahill.  Killing it in a crop top

yelp couch

Pictured: awesome photo opps on the weird yet amazing plastic Yelp couch. 


Amanda also looked adorable blowing bubbles at the Yelp lounge.

In addition to Yelp, there was a wonderful clothing rack from the brand new add here.  I spazzed out on the clothes and didn’t take adequate pictures of their wares, but that’s ok, because I’ll be back soon to shop their new location.

meta nick

Not spazzing at all and taking all the adequate photos: Mr. Nick Caito.  Working it for Ctnow.com

Ted’s Montana Grill was also onsite, slinging delicious, free bison and beef slider burgers to the VIPs

master photobomb

And photobombing all the pictures.  Thanks Conor.  Bonus points because he looks like he might be growing out of Amanda’s shoulder due to the angle.

Due to Amanda and my’s Mommy Status, we didn’t get to stay as long as we would have liked.  Which means we only got to peep at the block party, which featured a fantastic, energetic crowd and line dancing

line dancing block party

Yes, line dancing!  So fun

But that was ok as we 1. had a terrific time and 2. left at just the right moment to see the sun setting on the large sculpture outside the Wadsworth.

red thingy


Hurray for long summer night and parties in art museums.  All good things.

RIP Grandma Iacobucci



An al fresco runway show on Pratt St proves that #HartfordHasStyle

On wings of green brocade, the model descended onto the red carpet, which rolled out before her as she strutted with confidence between the historic buildings of Pratt St.

gossamer wings

Somewhat blurry action shot.  Note the Pratt St arch in the background!

In reality, there was plenty of hard work involved in bringing this first time, al fresco fashion show to Pratt St.  But the effect was an effortless fusion of provocative beauty and couture, courtesy of Naimah Spann and the team of Niro Design Center for the first “Hartford Has Style” fashion show on May 17th


Thanks to Kerri Provost of Real Hartford for lending her photos (and she also attended and covered this event – you can read her write up here).  Above: Niros’ mission statement

Niro is a 100% locally owned and operated clothing boutique on Pratt St in Hartford – but it’s much more than just clothes.  Their mission statement is to create something completely fulfilling out of fashion – which at times may seem a bit superficial.  To this end, one of the keynote speakers at “Hartford Has Style” was Niro alumn Jamoy Thompson – the current Miss Black Connecticut Ambassador.  Also there to inspire and entertain the crowd – our very own Logan Byrnes – FOX CT TV Host, and MC extraordinaire.

logan byrnes

Not really hard to get the man on the red carpet.  I’m just saying.  Oh yes, and he killed it, in case you’re curious.

The opening, haute couture designer of the evening was the House of Ettienne.  His clothing was, thanks to the styling as well as construction, sexy and editorial whilst still incorporating ready to wear elements


Heating it up.  Photo courtesy of Kerri Provost.


Totally wearable, photo also thanks to Kerri

There was also menswear, thanks to the fabulous, local Hartford Denim Company.


Because men can strut it too.  Thanks again Kerri!  Your action shots are much, much better than mine.

And to wrap up the evening: a swimsuit show from Carmen Veal Swimwear


Such beauty.  Umm, thanks again Kerri.

Also noteworthy – much of the footwear in the runway show was from That Flavor Boutique, which partnered with Niro for the event and will be opening soon on Pratt St!  Awesome.  Finally a shoe store to tempt me when I’m downtown.  I perused the offerings during intermission, which range in price from $30 – $300, and spotted many a Betsey Johnson shoe.  Yes please – I’ll be back very soon!

Decidedly not noteworthy, but it’s my blog so I’m including it anyway – I happened to wear a top from Niro which also walked the runway!


Photo on the left by Kerri: photo on the right courtesy of Alex Syphers for Ctnow.com – check out all his great shots here!


You can like the Hartford Has Style Facebook page for more information on the show and info on when the next one.  Congrats again to Naimah and her team for bringing such a unique and visually appealing runway show to the streets (quite literally) of Hartford.

A Farmer’s Market Roundup

Hello!  Summer is right around the corner, and with it, the chance to buy everything from cheese to veggies to Onyx Moonshine outside and locally at the Farmer’s Market.  Below is a round up of some of my favorite markets, as well as those recommended by Facebook friends in CT.

…and speaking of summer, the 90 + Cellar’s Rose Cruise is right around the corner too, on June 7th!  I’m very excited to travel up to Boston to attend this event (only a couple hours away – I love CT) and tickets are available today with a $10 discount when you use the code DRINKROSE33.  Visit here to purchase:  http://bit.ly/drinkrose14

rose glasses

OK!  back to the farmers market.  Top dog in town appears to be, by an overwhelming majority, Coventry Farmer’s Market.  Which makes sense, as it’s the largest in the state, features amazing happenings such as the annual Farm to Shaker competition, and also won the Best of Hartford readers’ poll this year!


Here is Winter and her amazing crew celebrating their win, along with a Celebrity Chicken.  Photo courtesy of Robert Cooper for Ctnow.com

I went to Coventry last summer with a wee Penelope and Caitlin, and she did a write up of it on her blog, which is here if anyone wants to read it/see cute vintage Penelope baby pictures.  If you want to visit, the market takes place every Sunday from April to October.

But just because Coventry is amazing doesn’t mean we should ignore the other amazing markets in the state!  Next up on the list is Billings Forge, which is an urban year round market located on Broad St in Hartford.  It’s within walking distance of my office, and I stroll down all the time to get goodies such as fresh greens from Collinsville, goat cheese from Sweet P (which I can also get, to be fair, within a couple miles of my house but it’s nice to see it in the city!) and kale and radishes from Simsbury.  The Billings Forge market also accepts food stamps and is a great way to bring fresh, green things to the city.  And in the summer, you can catch the Nora Cupcake truck or the amazing vegan G Monkey Mobile for a fresh twist on lunch!  The Billings Forge market takes place every Thursday, all year round.

It would be wrong to make this list and not include my home town market of course.  I feel like all of the Granbys are basically a giant farmers’ stand in the summer – with fresh goat cheese available at Sweet P, local wine at Lost Acres, and many, many little vegetable stands.  It’s pretty great, and so is our stand alone farmers market, which runs from June – October.  One of the best wares to come out of our region, in my opinion, are gorgeous wildflowers, so if you’re looking to pretty up your next dinner party or surprise a significant other, you know where to go!

OK, on to the recommendations.  LeeAnne – our favorite resident foodie- gives a shout out to Coventry (of course) but also recommends her local Ellington or  South Windsor markets.  Jennifer Crookes Carpenter – PR lady extraordinaire – has home town pride in Collinsville, and their market which includes: he best ramps, garlic and tomatoes around (plus a one-eyed rooster),” which sounds pretty amazing.  And my awesome coworker Rebecca gave me a tip for another urban market near Hartford Hospital on Fridays (cool – especially for anyone who is staying in the hospital long term), plus the Suffield Farmers’ Market – which is also close to home for me, so I’ll be checking it out this summer once it opens in June.  Thanks everyone for the tips!

If you have a local, favorite market which isn’t mentioned here, please leave it in the comments below 🙂