Rose alllllll day!

Last week was the first ever 90 Plus Cellars Connecticut Rose Cruise.  They invited me to join them, and I was lucky enough to bring a squad:

squad goals

(waves to squad)

We had a truly fantastic afternoon in the gorgeous Greenwich harbor, cruising for three hours, eating small but delicious sandwiches

rose cruise 4

Practicing our fake laugh for Instagram

lilly girls.png

And yes, that’s three people in Lilly Pulitzer and one in a pink gingham bow tie.  Because Greenwich.

And most importantly, sampling four different varieties of Rose!

lila wine can

Including the new Lila Wine, which comes in a can.  Which is important.  Because cans can go to the beach.  Crisp and delicious and perfect for summer.

90 Plus’ Rose this season is pleasantly floral and, like most roses, oh so easy to drink swiftly when it’s hot outside.  Maybe that’s why rose is the new ‘it’ wine this season.  Well, this is a trend that I fully support, and you should too.  Rose is truly for everybody.  And it should be drunk on boats whenever possible.



48 Hours in Miami + the Greenwich Rose Cruise with @90pluscellars

SPOILER ALERT: this post contains rose.  Lots and lots of rose.  So much rose.  If you’re not thirsty now, you may be by the time you finish this post.

Let’s start with – the upcoming Greenwich Rose Cruise from my good friends at 90 Plus Cellars!  Save the date for this inaugural event (for CT!) on June 4th.  The Boston version is a blast:

drunk flamingo

TBT to when I was a drunken flamingo

And I’m sure this one will be no exception.  Purchase tickets here and use code DRINKROSE33 at check out to receive $10 off per ticket!

From rose to – froze!  That would be frozen rose folks.  It’s a thing and it’s fantastic


The very best slushie

I made friends with this libation while on a mini-vacation The Standard  in Miami while in town for my little sister’s graduation.  This ultra hip hotel features the very best in amenities, from spa to pool to hammocks

miami (12 of 1)

Complete with astroturf

To (private) bathtubs outside of your room, to cool little ‘zines which are perfect for a beach excursion:

beach reads

We enjoyed 48 glorious hours of tropical bliss, starting with an intense rainstorm, which was perfect for tub soaking and hot stone relaxation, and culminating in a Vespa mini tour of Miami Beach and, of course, my beautiful little sister’s graduation day

rose magnum

Which we toasted with – you guessed it – more rose

miami (18 of 1)

So very proud of her!!

A photo tour of the hotel plus our scooter adventure is below – but first a small diversion to Little Havana, aka Calle Ocho, which no trip to Miami is complete without.  We visited the Ball and Chain and enjoyed gin and guava cocktails plus salsa dancing, plus street empanadas from a dodgy little stand, plus cigars. Standard Miami.

guava gin

street empanada

In other culinary adventures, there was a Panther Coffee within walking distance of our hotel, which is one of Scott’s favorite coffee shops and therefore quite amazing (I defer to him on all these coffee related as, well, he obviously really knows his stuff from years of research)

miami (9 of 1)

miami (10 of 1)

Perfect little macchiato

Next time we visit Miami, we fully plan on returning to The Standard.  It’s cool in the most laid back and luxurious way.  Check it out if you need a place to stay in Miami, NYC, or LA.  Highly recommended:

miami (4 of 1)

miami (8 of 1)

miami (6 of 1)

miami (7 of 1)

miami (5 of 1)

miami (2 of 1)

miami (3 of 1)

miami (1 of 1)

miami (13 of 1)

miami (14 of 1)

miami (16 of 1)

@90pluscellars Rose Cruise with @Caitplusate #drinkRose

Friends!  Another successful weekend spent almost entire out doors – this is the easiest resolution ever to keep.  And this one was kept in remarkable good company, aboard the annual 90 Plus Cellars Rose Cruise out of the Boston Rowes Wharf

caitlin and kat

Thanks so much for the ticket, Cait.  Also, we didn’t have to coordinate wearing Lilly Pulitzer sundresses – it just happened.  BAM

The Boston Wharf is seriously gorgeous, especially on a hot, early summer day

view at the wharf

Pre-gaming the cruise at The Landing

walking to boat

Thanks to the all pink dress code, we looked a bit like a bachelorette party walking down to the boat.  I love it.

the boat

All aboard the Samuel Clemens!  Photo courtesy of Sean Fowler


Check out the pretty, pretty pink drink tickets.  Photo also courtesy of Sean

with glass

Yaaaas, time for fun.  Each ticket was good for one glass of rose!

The three story boat offered many different seating, as well as sun and shade options, during the three hour cruise.  There were spacious seats below near the bar


Covered in swag!  Another Sean photo

But the deck was, without a doubt, where the party was, and also where we coincidentally spent most of our time


Cheers!  Pictured left to right: Caitlin, her friend Greg, Hannah, and me


And again!  Cheers, my dears

caitlin and stephanie

Caitling and her awesome Mama, Stephanie

setting up camera

Caitlin’s coworker Jeannie setting up a camera to film the partying.  And in the side of the picture, my stack o’ watermelon

bathroom selfie

Artsy bathroom selfie, because, well, because I can.


glass of rose

A pretty, close up shot of the rose, courtesy of Sean Fowler.  Which was a Lot 33 of the 90 Plus Cellars brand.  It was crisp and very well rounded, and it went down remarkably well, glass after glass of it.


Which is why I felt exactly like this flamingo by the time we got off the boat.  Worth it!

Where was Penelope while her Mommy was on the boat, you ask?  She was hanging at home with her Daddy, attending a 50 year wedding anniversary celebration with Mike’s family and rocking a party dress

penelope in dress

And also trying to steal flowers off of her cousin’s party dress

Although I missed her like crazy, it was honestly quite nice to get away and enjoy a girls’ night, especially one in Boston, which is a city that just lends itself to going out and having a good time.  The entire cruise was such fun – it was worth spending a bit of time away from my precious little darling!  Plus we had plenty of good bonding time on Sunday, including a trip to the driving range (regrettably I left my camera in the car – next time I’ll capture some pictures of Penelope with her adorable Care Bears golf set).  And yes, she may be putting before she can walk at this stage 🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely, sunshiny summer weekend, and please don’t forget to #drinkrose

@90pluscellars rose sampling, paired with pesto salmon FTW #drinkrose

They say that good friends will have a glass of wine with you, and truly great friends will mail you adorable packages of wine and t shirts from Boston because they are just fabulous!

bottle and t shirt

Oh my very goodness.  Thanks Cait!

I’ve been saying for quite some time now that rose gets a bad rep – probably because the market is saturated with sweet, cheap rose imitators that just don’t get it (the basic betches of the rose world, if you will).  I experienced the good side – very good side – of rose at Lost Acres Vineyard last year.  Their local, peppery blend is not at all sweet and just what you’d want in a pink wine.  90 + Cellars’ version was predictably excellent too – stemming from their tradition of purchasing high quality wines, masking their labels, and discounting the price to bring us fabulous mystery wines of high quality!


Look at this cork!  It’s from Langedoc, France, and it’s fancy.  But who knows what else it entails.  No, seriously, if you recognize this cork, tell me as I’m quite curious now.

This particular rose is from the same lot as 2013 for 90 Plus Cellars, and it’s their newest vintage.  The aroma was pleasantly subtle but still floral, and the flavor followed suite by being pleasantly acidic and subtle, yet still a bit on the fruity/floral sign.  But – and I think this is key for a good rose – it was not at all overly sweet: just a pleasant balance of acid and aroma.  A perfect late spring/early summer wine!

90 plus cellars front  back view

Penelope is a bit young for rose, but she enjoyed modeling the t shirt!  Featured with front and back views, because she has #drinkrose across her butt and that’s adorable

I decided to pair this rose with one of my family’s go to, almost-once-a-week proteins: salmon.  Why not pair a pink fish with a pink wine?  I was happy with the balance between the fish – baked in pesto – and roasted asparagus.


Bit of a messy kitchen shot.  Ignore the stray bits of rice, and focus on the pretty green foods if you could.

I am quite excited to be heading up to Boston on Saturday, June 7th, for 90 Plus Cellar’s 2nd Boston Rose Party Cruise.  Tickets are on sale now and are $10 off through May 15th when you enter the DRINKROSE33 at check out.

90 plus cellars drink rose

Cheers everyone.  Don’t ever doubt drinking a wine that looks this pretty in the glass.  Photo courtesy of 90 + Cellars Facebook Page

Roasted Asparagus:

-Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Place asparagus on a tray with olive oil, sea salt, and lime juice to taste.  Bake 10-15 minutes or until charred and wilted –

Salmon Pesto:

– When you take the asparagus out of the oven, reduce oven heat to 350 degrees.  Place salmon, skin side down, in a ceramic baking dish and cover in 2-3 tablespoons of pesto.  Add a dash of lime juice and cook 15 minutes or until a fork goes easily through the center of the dish.  Rest the fish on the counter for several minutes and heat up the asparagus and then serve over rice if desired. –