Savor CT, Penelope’s Birthday, and some fun upcoming happenings!

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Greetings friends!  Penelope’s second ballet performance is fast approaching.  We are going to see Gwendolyn and the Graceful Pig on May 2nd, with the Ballet Theater Company.  It will be ever so exciting to explore a dance interpretation of the story of a “pig like no other,” with performances at 1 pm and 7 pm (we are going to the earlier one, naturally)  Tickets are available here.  More to follow on this – and also on the March of Dimes Walk for Babies, which will be my first 5k of the year, and my first ever 5k with a stroller, as Penelope will be joining me for that too!  Hurrah.  Fun times ahead, beautiful May weather, and April hasn’t been so bad either.  Some of the highlights of this month:

Savor CT at the Connecticut Convention Center


Pictured: Emily Cahill perusing the wine selection with an expert eye

This wonderful event featured top chefs from the region, as well as celebrity chef Robert Irvine out walking the floor (I didn’t speak with him personally but those who did assured me that he is an awfully nice gentleman).  Some of the local favorites present included:


A “Turducken” pate from On20, courtesy of the very talented Jeff Lizotte!  Side note – I”ll also be at On20 this Friday for Happy Hour and writing up a full recap of the experience here too – very excited as I’ve never been to their happy hour before, just dinner and small plates at events.


Pictured: a Swiss Chard Dumpling – also from On20 – my favorite bite from the entire evening!  Although that had stiff competition from the offerings of Scott Miller, Head Catering Manager of the Max Restaurant Group.  He produced a very wonderful lamb tartar


Pictured here, with his signature edible florals which add both a bitter tang and a lovely visual element to his dishes.

Also delicious on the casual front, mini sliders from both Plan B Burger Bar:


plan b burger


And Bear’s BBQ!

bears brisket

Millwrights was present with the entire crew:


Heeey Tyler

And there were countless more – too many to sample all of them unfortunately.  We attended the event on Friday night, and it would actually make sense to go Friday and Saturday in order to fully enjoy the entire experience.  And I haven’t even started on the wine yet!


So much wine.

We sampled many Italian and French blends – mainly because that’s what I gravitate towards.  And by “we” I mean myself and my lovely friend Amanda, all decked out for a Mom’s Night Out without the babies!



Towards the end of the evening, we ventured over to the Rose Lounge.  Next year, i would certainly do this first, as it turned out to be only a single ty;e of Rose – Chandon to be precise


It was utterly delightful, however with just one type, I would have preferred to start out with a glass or two before moving into the sampling.  I was picturing more of a champagne tasting with small pours – ah well – no complaints either way.

We capped out the night with a visit to the 90 Plus Cellars table, to sip some Rose and get ready for the awesome Rose Cruise this summer!

90 plus w glasses

The glasses are a requirement.

So, that was fun, but Penelope’s 2nd birthday was even better – for obvious reasons.


Obvious, adorable reasons

mommy baby

birthday princess spread


Nora Cupcakes graciously allowed us to host her princess party in their back room, and we enjoyed Bear’s BBQ, many, many cupcakes, and many, many adorable children.  I can’t believe my little girl is two years old already!  Such a beautiful, perfect princess.  Mommy is so proud.



Happy birthday #Penelope

We celebrated Penelope’s first birthday with a tea party – mostly because she loves to serve fake tea off of her cart (also because: excellent excuse for a tea party)


Seen here graciously greeting the guests with a pot at the door, in her Lilly Pulitzer dress from Silkworm!


Plus we had killer decorations from my very talented little sis!

I had tons of help with the baking swag, thanks to some killer local bakeries and good friends:

photo (37)

Pictured: the collective efforts of Get Baked, NoRa Cupcakes, and family friends!

photo (35)

Pictured: amazing P cookies!  Thanks Melissa!

photo (25)

Pictured: a close up of the NoRa cupcake smash cake with Alice in Wonderland themed red roses

photo (30)

Pictured: wrapping asparagus in pastry is as close to baking as I get, TBH

As well as the birthday girl and co-birthday girl – the notoriously camera shy Hailey – there were plenty of cute little folks out and about in their finery

photo (33)

Look at this little gentleman!

photo (32)

And this lovely young lady showing off her spring fashion and the baby sandals – I can’t TAKE IT

There were plenty of other Littles present, but most of them were running around in a pack serving each other fake tea, which is absolutely fine 🙂  The adults amused themselves with – what else? tea infused cocktails

photo (24)

Thanks to Tanduay for the rum!  So good and now I have mojitos for days

And many delicious bubbles courtesy of Cait, who came down from Boston to play! And Rob – who I have a picture of, but I’m afraid he will never speak to me again if I use it in a blog, so it shall remain unposted (you’re welcome Rob – I’ll see you on LinkedIn)

cait and prosecco

Look at this lovely lady and her 90 Plus Cellars prosecco – she’s not a bit camera shy 🙂

Exciting update!  I received special approval to feature this wonderful photo of Rob, demonstrating all his bartender flair:


Holding a lovely bottle of rose which was gone in about 20 minutes, give or take

There were other photo opps in the kitchen, naturally:


A trash bag domestic goddess.  Very Amy Sedaris.  Very wow

As well as outside in the backyard:


Invite ballerinas anywhere and they will stage a photoshoot.  It’s science.  Also, I am in love with my skirt in this picture from Niro!

But the center of attention was naturally the birthday girl!

photo (34)

Sampling a cupcake

photo (39)

Best sugar face ever

photo (31)

And opening presents with Daddy – oh boy!

photo (29)

Oh boy!  And yes, that’s birthday girl number 2 on the far left – Happy Birthday Hailey!  I gave up getting a picture of her face on after about ten attempts – she’s a camera shy little cutie


Speaking of camera shy, it’s amazing how often my husband manages to find something to hide around when a camera is out!

photo (26)

But sometimes I get lucky and get him to pose with me!! xo


Thanks to all of our friends and family for coming out to Penelope’s special day.  We had a blast and hope you did too!