Yardbirds! Yardbirds! Here come the Yardbirds! (Yardbird and Co)


There’s a new food truck in town, the Yardbird Co.  Executive Chef Eric Stagle, a Barcelona Restaurant Alumn, has executed a quite killer menu based around simple fried chicken with an Asian twist plus some small bites ranging from healthy quinoa to unique deviled eggs.


Catch them at Bushnell Park this upcoming Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @YardbirdandCo

What does the Chef think?  He is “so happy to be serving food that makes people happy. Excited to see what else we can put on the menu as the seasons change.”  They also work with several local farms, including Sub Edge and the Farmer’s Cow.  So catch them when you can, and support something that is both local and delicious!

(Current menu: Yardbird chicken sandwich : pickled cabbage : kimchi : pickles/ sriracha honey Chicken steam buns/ black garlic hoisin/ pickled ramps Chicken croquettes/ ramp aioli Smoked chicken deviled eggs Quinoa salad/ asparagus/ fiddleheads/ ramp vinaigrette Potato wedges : spring garlic aioli : smoked eggplant aioli : cherry pepper aioli)